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March 3, 2011 / Martijn

Science fiction bots becoming fact

With We, Robot (Lyons Press, 2010), Mark Stephen Meadows explores the recent edges of robotic development in the context of some of our favorite fictional narratives.

It’s a smart, edgy read, written in a very hip, almost cyberpunk style (for one example, the author describes himself arriving in Tokyo, dropping two hits of codeine — no medical excuse required — and striding out into the neon lit night-time street in his leather jacket grooving on the strangeness of it all in search of signs of bot/human integration).

Meadows spent time at Xerox PARC as an artist and researcher,focusing on interactive reading and narration and SRI, working as a researcher in the intelligence and linguistics group. He shares patents related to artificial intelligence and virtual reality and brings the understanding of a technologist and the insight of an artist into his written work.

via Book Review | Science fiction bots becoming fact | KurzweilAI.


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