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August 10, 2011 /  Nivea

Max Barry’s Machine Man

So here’s the basic plot: Charlie Neumann, a scientist at Better Futures, loses his leg in an industrial accident. So, naturally, he builds himself a new one. Then he realizes, well, his remaining leg really doesn’t work as well as this one he’s designed. What if he could have a matching set? What else could he improve? The prosthetist at the company hospital, Lola Shanks, falls for Charlie and his talk about self-improvement and advances in prosthetics. But Better Future has something else in mind for Charlie and his experiments.

It’s one part Robocop, one part Ray Kurzweil, but mostly it’s Max Barry. Charlie is a fantastic character, very much a scientist, who doesn’t really have time for social foibles. He wants things to work in the most sensible and efficient manner possible, and as a result is a bit misunderstood (and misunderstanding).

via Max Barry’s Crazy Experiment: Machine Man


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