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The aim of EVOBODY is to facilitate the identification and formulation of novel research topics in the field of unbound evolutionary processes, embodied in different real systems.

In other words, EVOBODY is concerned with physically embodied artificial evolutionary systems, based on a population of units (being electro-mechanic, bio-organic, hybrid of these, or whatever else) that can reproduce, die, act and interact. Examples of such systems include a group of robots pre-colonizing Mars, artificial cells undergoing evolutionary development in a lab environment, or a new kind of “cellular computer”.

Such systems are interesting from a computational point of view, as they are expected to perform radically new type of information processing in a highly adaptive and scalable manner. Furthermore, such systems offer a test bed for synthetic biology. Here, evolution is seen as enabler of embodied behavior an the system at hand as examples of non-von-Neumannian computing, built on the combination of analog, molecular and quantum computations.

In this context, the merger of three relevant areas of research, namely evolutionary computing, mechatronics and synthetic biology, will open unprecedented research challenges and opportunities.

EVOBODY will connect different communities to create an awareness of these global trends and to focus researchers on the fundamental challenges and essential impact on science, society and technology in the coming years.